Request a Sermon Transcription by Church Script
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New to Church Script? Fill out this quick form to request a sermon transcription. If you are a returning customer please feel free to email us directly at and we can use your previously saved preferences.

If you'd rather talk to us directly, give us a call at (941) 724-1075. We look forward to working with you.

Upload file for transcription (150mb max. Larger files can be arranged for with personal dropbox folders):

Number of sermons for transcription:

 One sermon I have a few that I would like transcribed I would like to sign up for weekly transcription services I would like my archived content transcribed

Choose your turnaround time:

 Standard (3-5 business days) $2 per audio minute Prompt (1-2 business days) $3 per audio minute Rush (Less than 24 hours) $3.50 per audio minute I have a bulk order. Please contact me about bulk transcription turnaround times.

How would you like to send your audio files?

 I have attached a file above Send me a personal Dropbox folder Download the audio/video files from my website Download the audio/video files from my Vimeo page I would like to send you hard copies (CDs, DVDs, cassettes)

Format Bible verses in:

 Bold Bold and Italics A color I will specify

Would you like us to capitalize Trinity pronouns such as Us and Our?

 Yes No

Preferred Bible translation?

Notes or specifications we need to know:

Save this information for future transcription requests.

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