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Take Your Sermons Beyond Sunday Morning - Church Script
Take Your Sermons Beyond Sunday Morning - Church Script
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11 Nov Take Your Sermons Beyond Sunday Morning

Pastors! Your time is valuable. Capitalize on your efforts with professional sermon transcription by Church Script! Your weekly sermons can go far beyond Sunday morning with professional speech-to-text conversion.

  • Build your blog fast
  • Increase traffic to your church’s website 
  • Publish an e-book of your sermon series
  • Construct an in-depth archive for quick study and referencing
  • A podcast for the hearing impaired 

At Church Script

, we give each sermon our utmost attention. Level of detail and accuracy is very important to us. Not only do we ensure a quality product, but we guarantee accuracy to the best of our ability. God’s Word is not just another financial transcription for our scribes; it’s the Gospel in motion. Our ministry is to serve you passionately with our keystrokes and, subsequently, help your ministry flourish.
-Daniel Brown, Church Script

“Helping churches and pastors spread the good news, one professional sermon transcription at a time.”


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