The Benefits of Professional Sermon Transcription
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Sermon Transcription

02 Nov The Many Benefits of Professional Sermon Transcription

Many pastors are starting to realize that the work they put in every week can be stretched far beyond just Sunday morning. While audio or video podcasts have become wildly popular, they just don’t do much for web traffic. If a simple 300+ word blog post can do wonders for your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), imagine what a weekly transcription of your sermons could do! You can forget about the stress of trying to come up with subject matter for your blog. You’re already doing enough work with your sermon preparation! Professional Sermon Transcription is the single best way to take your sermons beyond Sunday morning.

Take the Village Church for instance. They have amassed a massive online following. Their website displays a beautiful sermon media layout which includes audio

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, video and (you guessed it) text. Full transcriptions of all of their recent sermons not only allows for greater SEO, but is an excellent resource for your local and international community as they pursue their studies.

For an efficient, professional and high quality transcription, Church Script will meet all of your needs and more. So, when you mention “Geert Hofstede” in passing, we’ll make sure we do the reasearch and get the spelling right when other companies are just scratching their heads. Your sermon isn’t just another transcription to us, it’s the Gospel in motion. We take every precaution and put all of our knowledge into getting every little detail right.

-Daniel Brown, Church Script
“Helping churches and pastors spread the good news, one professional sermon transcription at a time.”

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